Well, we have this year’s Halloween Special to thank for this week’s page, or more specifically its comments. Two “Who’s Phi?” and one “Who’s Phil?” and from the regulars at that. Kind of had us worried in the Long Form Narrative and Strategic Long Term Planning Department given he’s kind of a fundamental character from way back.

So, without further ado, another page in the spirit of the Chibi Chapter Summaries even if not actually one itself courtesy of the art of Marshall Reeves (Yesterday Bound, Neese) and the captioning of Sean Harrington (Spying With Lana, somewhat less but still a significant amount of Neese) plus the realisation of a character concept now used on this page as well and all possible thanks to the Bad Webcomics Wiki even if it’s not even remotely obvious how (one day all will be revealed) at the moment … meet pivotal character Captain Phi and obviously not a moment too soon (I believe he’s been becoming kind of increasingly important to the story lately …).

Meet Captain Phi Grund

Man of Honour

Man of Insight

Man of Action

And some truly impressive underwear.

Also, the modest hero.

Man of Integrity

And never one to complain (officially)

Lest we forget …

Totally the smoothest of smooth criminals.