Very shortly after I discovered Exiern, I think one of the very next webcomics I discovered (definitely the next one I signed up to their Patreon after Exiern) was one known as Eternal Knights. This was back in late 2015. Eternal Knights underwent a couple of name changes (to SwordCat Princess and finally settling on SwordCat Knights) between then and now. Meanwhile all this time, I kept trying to bring some work from the artist over to Exiern from even back then. I’m glad to say that I’ve finally succeeded!

So please vote on Top Webcomics for Exiern by clicking here and for Dark Reflections by clicking here or in both cases clicking on the respective banners below. I think the artist has really captured in their work just through the imagery alone some very fundamental differences between Typh in the Exiern universe and Tiffany in the worlds of Dark Reflections. It really is a darker place over there and one we hope to bring increasingly more of to you very soon now. Almost there now!

Please also consider checking out Caley’s webcomic by clicking here or the image below if you’ve not read it before. Just my opinion of course but I’ve really enjoyed it to date. This won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing Caley’s work somewhere in the Exiern universes either too, I’m sure!