Exiern does have just a few allusions to the Evil Dead Universe which were undoubtedly one of the sources of inspiration over the years and just in case you’re not familiar with the source material, we hope this particular reference is useful.

Even though this title page is dated the 9th of June 2005, it was actually originally initiated on the 25th of December 2015 and completed on the 30th of December 2018 in time for being revealed as the new cover for Exiern on the 1st of January 2019. The reasons … to be revealed below … Spider-Man.

Also, although I only had this thought relatively recently and long after this project was started, I did come to realise Exiern was like a book missing a cover given that up to 2019, it did start rather suddenly on a story page right in the middle of events.

Hence the decision to sent things up as they were for this end result on January 1st 2019, both here and the page dated actually dated then. New Year’s Day 2019 was also hoped to be a new beginning in how Exiern is made, both behind and in front of the scenes … so I guess there’s even more symbolism with all of this.

It was illustrated by Wayne Nichols who has worked on titles for Marvel, Dark Horse, and IDW Publishing among others. See more of Wayne’s work here:

Official Website

Art Station





Here’s the image that features quite prominently at a lot of those links to Wayne’s work. Wayne created the image used for this large scale mural featured in ‘Marvel: Creating The Cinematic Universe’ at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia in 2017.

Of course me being me, I got there at the last hour of the last day of the exhibition despite having months to visit so I was too late to see the exhibition but the staff very nicely still let me in to take this picture just before they closed.

Me still being me, I’m still putting this page together with literal minutes to go for its debut on New Year’s Day 2019 despite all the lead in time. I guess some things as of yet are still to change, though at least I get there in the end (just).

Thank you to Wayne Nichols for giving me the OK to display this image here.

As well as taking the time and trouble to create this marvellous piece of artwork for Exiern.

Even though the first story page of Exiern in the archives as of writing this is dated the 6th of September 2005, the original start of Exiern was a few months earlier on the 9th of June, when Exiern’s creator Drowemos both wrote and illustrated Exiern. The title of this page, “The World of Exiern” was the text in panels on many of the original pages.

Though as always with this webcomic, nothing ever seems to be allowed to be quite that simple. The first actual page of story content the first time through was on the 13th of June, the page on the 9th was … something else (putting it mildly!). Historically it is still when Exiern first officially appeared on the Internet as best as I know (already prepared to be contradicted on that any day now).

What happened to explain this seeming discrepancy in the dates I’m mentioning is that Drowemos had those original pages redone and what you now see in archive is those replacement pages as dated from the 6th of September 2005.

As for the extensive production time of this new title page, of course as you could imagine just from his list of credited work, Wayne being a very high in demand artist (he was illustrating the comic version of one of my favourite properties of recent times, a title set in the Orphan Black universe – well one of them at least), we had to wait our turn for a while. About a week over three years as it turned out.

You have to admit it was worth the wait, though don’t you?

I hope you enjoy this page if you’ve come this way from the January 1st 2019 page as an existing reader and welcome if you’re a new reader, I hope you enjoy things as much as I did from when I first discovered Exiern and it led to what I’m helping Scott Hicken with who did take over management of Exiern from Drowemos many years ago and is still in charge of proceedings as of 01/01/2019.

~ Shan

1st of January 2019