Starting today is a very special crossover event with Bloomin’ Faeries which had been in the works over the last few months. It’s where over the next few weeks, characters from both Bloomin’ Faeries and Exiern finally get to meet!

Illustrated by regular Bloomin’ Faeries artist Wondollar, ongoing strips in the traditional Bloomin’ Faeries format will be going up on both the Bloomin’ Faeries Patreon and the Exiern Patreon from today, Friday the 8th of November and then new strips every two weeks until completion.

On Exiern’s end, it will be one dollar for Wondollar! (Sorry, could not resist it! At least it resulted in savings for some by not being in the higher tiers where we couldn’t make that joke!)

For those not on Patreon, these strips will be published on Fridays one week later at both the Bloomin’ Faeries site and here on Exiern. Watch both sites for future updates!

You can click the text link above to get to the Bloomin’ Faeries site or the image below to get to the Bloomin’ Faeries Patreon. Please keep in mind there is adult material at these links and hence potentially NSFW!

Please consider helping to support Jaycee so that he can make more Bloomin’ Faeries strips more often and make it all a viable proposition. He’s getting closer to his goals all the time and we wouldn’t want to lose Bloomin’ Faeries again if we can help it!

For the lead in and what happened before this crossover:

Saying goodbye to a webcomic which had been very good to us and seemed to be gone forever …

… but then it came back a few weeks later! We were very surprised but also very glad.

Reintroducing a key character to the audience.

Where the previous year’s decisions lead to.

Thanks to Jaycee, Scott and Wondollar for helping make this happen! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it!