You may find when you’re speaking to the elements and night sky, the moon might seem to move in almost as if you caught its attention like anyone else who’s being addressed. Don’t expect it to not scrutinise you very closely and critically indeed in the harsh glare of its light, however.

Regular artist Antipus has recently just undertaken a multi-day trek across Brazil in order to relocate himself and his entire family, so in order to give him some time to regroup the original artist from the present iteration of Exiern, Studio Katsumi is stepping in for today in a piece inspired by Brett Neufeld of Marblegate fame.

The original remit was just to have a look at Exiern and make anything he liked. It was so good, we couldn’t not incorporate it into continuity. Studio Katsumi of course is of a comparable level of skill and as we know, a large amount of his work already makes up a considerable section of the archives and official continuity as it is.

Thank you for your patience and please note there will also be a special bonus page will be posted this Thursday before the return of Antipus next Monday.

The title of this page were from the Robert Heinlein science fiction novel of the same name as well as some design elements from one version of its cover.