The Boys was a comic series written by Garth Ennis and as you may have heard, released this year as a series on Amazon Prime. He’s written a multitude of titles but it was the spin-off of his Crossed series, Crossed: Wish You Were Here by Si Spurrier that was one of my earliest exposures to webcomics.

The on again off again webcomic (sadly currently off) was excellent despite its confronting subject matter. Funnily enough, when it was a free webcomic, it actually managed to transcend its original source material and all the other for sale material in the same universe in being an in depth character study.

Now in terms of today’s illustration (once again by Studio Katsumi) yes, technically Queen Maeve was one of The Seven who were opposing The Boys but if you’re familiar enough with the source material you would know the above question wasn’t a completely impossible one.

However, in this case with Typh, obvious joke is obvious.

We weren’t going that deep this time around.

(Oh yes … deep … that one too, I guess.)

As you might also have heard, many of the characters from The Boys are modeled on DC and Marvel characters. I thought the Wonder Woman movie for the best part was pretty good but for me that the first two minutes of Queen Maeve’s appearance in the opening scene of the first episode of The Boys topped all of it, starting with the destruction of a vehicle being the sexiest thing I’ve seen all year and the smile Queen Maeve gives following that goes on the list of Best Smiles Ever.

You can see for yourself right here with the opening scene if you want to if you haven’t already. I do understand the reticence of signing up for yet another streaming service to see the whole show, though as good as I think it is. For those of you who’ve read the original but not seen the show yet, it takes the material in some interesting new directions so there will still be surprises.

As a character, Typh certainly wouldn’t be out of place as Queen Maeve. Of course, Peonie would be Starlight. The new eager beaver recruit who didn’t realize what she’d just dropped herself into and rapidly finds herself in over her head. Interestingly enough, Typh and Peonie have each other’s character’s hair colour. Though in the comics as opposed to the TV show, Queen Maeve is more blonde than Typh if such a thing is possible.

Special shout out to New Zealand, by the way. They may not have had enough readers to make our Top Six viewing countries but they do punch above their weight in the rankings all the same, one of our longest-standing regular readers is from there and both the actor who plays the leader of The Boys and The Seven are from there.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this image and the next page from Antipus will be this coming Monday.