Many Thanks To Marshall of Yesterday Bound. Great work on Neese!

When a new artist started on Exiern, a new artist was also needed to work on the spin-off Neese (as seen on Patreon). That wasn’t quite as smooth a transition as the main story. There was the interim covered by Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana but was that was always going to be temporary.

Then things got a bit complicated for a while as evidenced by the fact that the story had to backtrack for a while to fill in a gap due to production issues but now that’s completed, it’s only forward from here. For that, we have to thank Marshall Reeves who also makes the webcomic Yesterday Bound.

We highly recommend checking it out, especially as by his own admission as well as being clearly evident, the artwork improves in leaps and bounds from the beginning and we’re definitely the beneficiaries of that. It’s also got some great characters in a great story in our opinion.

If you ever need something to occupy some time while you’re waiting for next week’s page, why not blast off into the future early while you wait? Like for Sean, this is our way of saying thank you for helping us out. Well, that and once again, there was some transfer of money involved.