Many thanks to Sean, for both the art and the work!

So, one of the things we’ve done a lot more of in the last year or two is reach out to other webcomic creators and artists to work on collaborative projects for nothing more than mutual love of creating art, stories and a mutually agreed quantity of financial instruments that can be exchanged for goods and services. Sean was the first to come on board as a contributor in this current phase and we’ve run features on him and his work before here and here.

You’ll also have seen Sean’s work on the Valentine’s Day page for both Exiern and Dark Reflections and a guest stint on the Exiern spin-off Neese. He’s also remixed existing art for Exiern advertising banners on Top Webcomics and elsewhere through Project Wonderful as well as the current banner for the Patreon page among other things such as but not limited to being our go-to guy for captions and lettering as seen with both the Halloween Special and Christmas Special pages so far.

You can also see his influence through us merely being aware of his work ethic pushing us to try and emulate his 12:01 am posting times week in week out that he’s managed every Monday for 9 years now. We’re getting there but have a bit of a way to go to consistently match him in that department.

Anyway, this is to both say thank you and remind everyone he also has a webcomic you might have had brought to your attention called Spying With Lana … —->

It’s also a mark of Sean’s being ahead of the times and his visionary status that despite any similarities to the TV show Archer, Spying With Lana debuted in the year before it started to air. You can start with the first case by scrolling down to the bottom of the archive list (they’re listed in reverse chronological order) or click here.

It’s not essential to read them in any particular order, there’s continuity but it’s not too heavy for the best part. Just remembering Josh is the Dan of the Spying With Lana Universe should be sufficient, working out the rest should be easy no matter where you start. So, if you need something to do before the next page for Exiern drops …

There will be another one of these pages thanking another newer member of the team (so to speak) and drawing attention to their work on Saturday the 30th of December, so hopefully, see you again then. We also hope to see more of Sean’s contributions to Exiern in the New Year and beyond as well.

Also, don’t forget the comment sections are open for anything you want to tell us about anything you want to see done with Exiern going forward. There’s been a lot of feedback during the year and the more input the better. The big plan for 2018 and the years beyond is an ongoing overhaul of … just about everything so that the story can keep on being told the best way it can be for the audience. Scott is waiting for your call!