We were originally going just going to do the Top Five viewing countries of Exiern this year but even though there’s a significant difference in the figures from Number Five to Number Six, there’s also another another significant drop from Number Six to Number Seven. Also, with The Netherlands both being the Number Six country and also having a public holiday called Koningsdag (King’s Day), how could we say no?

Now we often give the artists a lot of latitude in creating these outside a handful of elements and guidelines but we couldn’t help but feel something was missing. However, since the artist had taken so much trouble with this one, we decided to keep it but come back tomorrow to see a very rare Sunday page in order to see what – or more accurately who we had in mind.

Art by Colin Wells of the webcomic Normal.

We also welcome back Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana, whose clear mastery of anatomy, colour and artistry overall in his own webcomic finds him back with us stamping text captions on other people’s art.

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