Well, you just know this to be true. He’s already proven himself many times as being extremely good with forward planning and covering all the angles. Masters of the Xanatos Gambit truly are a thing that exist if King Urtica is anything to go by so far.

(Xanatos, sounds a bit like Thanos, doesn’t it? Well, isn’t that the very definition of a co-incidence? Yes, yes it is. That is indeed literally what a co-incidence is.)

This ends our current tribute to the MCU.

It also covers us for the fact that you can’t have a mention of King’s Day on Exiern without King Urtica in there somewhere.

Art by Colin Wells of the webcomic Normal.

Once again, we’re making great use of the exceptional artistic talent of Sean Harrington of the webcomic Spying With Lana by asking him yet again to do more captioning of artwork he didn’t make.

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