No time for anyone to sit there doing nothing, everyone has to get right back to work which is why class is already back in session straight after the new year!

Image by Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana, thanks Sean for producing this on such short notice!

By now you’ve undoubtedly seen by now the news that we’re going (almost) back to the beginning with Exiern’s original artist Studio Katsumi (back then Studio Boom). So going forward, he’ll be making both Exiern and one of the versions of the Dark Reflections universe for the foreseeable future.

However, the other big upheaval is that as of today, Exiern is switching formats from being a fantasy webcomic to a health and lifestyle blog in order to widen our reach and increase potential revenue!

So, sit back and enjoy Betty and Veronica’s … I mean Typh and Peonie’s guided tour to a healthier and more economical lifestyle!

More seriously now, we needed a bit of time to switch over artists as everyone’s involved in multiple projects with Studio Katsumi involved in other projects he had to juggle prior to being passed (back) the baton as Exiern’s main story artist and Antipus having already had other projects on top of Exiern in parallel. We hope to be able to bring as many of those as possible to you in 2020!

So while the changeover is still in progress before the story resumes later this month (we promise!), we thought that we could have a bit of fun in the interim by doing something a bit different in the meantime.

What is scheduled for next week (new pages every weekday at the very least!) is what we hope is a novel and fun way to have a conversation with the audience about the costs of making Exiern and its spin-offs and how to raise more revenue to help pay for them.

We really enjoy making Exiern which is why we’re more than happy to fund it but the fact remains it still costs more to make than it makes back in revenue at present.

We’ve made a lot of headway in closing the deficit gap over the last year but of course we still haven’t closed it yet. Rest assured, what we’re about to do isn’t just us asking for more money with our hands out. We’re hoping this whole exercise is more than that to yourselves as the audience.

First and foremost that it entertains but also a means for us to talk about ways to help with the Exiern universe going ahead and maybe even helping in some small way at least some of the people reading what we’re about to go ahead and do in the coming days.

We also promise that everything that we’ve been doing of this is with the ultimate aim of both guaranteeing the long term future of Exiern both in terms of duration and frequency even if it doesn’t seem obvious upfront.

We’re aware there’s been a lot of interruptions in the main story to date but the hope is not only to make those a thing of the past as much as possible but to also start picking up speed as soon as possible.

See you back here on Monday, the 6th of January 2020 and as we already said, we promise the storyline proper will be back sometime this month.