We’re switching things around in 2020, and I wanted to take a moment to share!

For 2020, Antipus is going to be taking a step back from the main storyline to concentrate on a few other Exiern projects. Don’t worry, we expect to have him back on the main story once those are complete, but we had an opportunity to future-plan Exiern a little and we wanted to take advantage of it. So don’t fret if you love Antipus’ style – so do I, and I am excited to be working on some other projects with him you’ll learn about in the future – unless you’re a $10+ Patreon Patron, because if so I already mailed those letters giving a little more insight into what to expect!

So who’s drawing Exiern’s main story?! None other than Studio Katsumi, Exiern’s original commissioned artist whose art was undoudtedly where many of us – myself included – were first introduced to Typh, Peonie, Denver, Faden, and many others. I could not be more excited about the time we’ll be spending with Studio Katsumi, and I am stoked that some of the characters I have brought to Exiern – Olivia, Roh, Peggy, and others – will have the chance to also be drawn by the hand that drew me to The World of Exiern!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

And thanks for reading,


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