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The first new story page of the year is going to be on Monday, the 13th of January 2020. Or if you can’t wait that long, it’s already up on Patreon right now!

OK, for something a little bit different as we talk about generating income even if just a little as opposed to saving money already earned. Depending on where you are, there might be the opportunity to make money through recycling. Of course, that option’s been around for a long time but as of late, the process has gotten readily more practical in some locations at least through automation.

We have the option of Tomra in Australia and it’s quite cool how if you have any items that qualify (bottles, cans and other things that meet criteria), I’m sure it varies by country but we here can make $0.10 and item.

It’s really cool, actually. You can log into the machine that looks not unlike the ones Typh and Peonie are using with an app on your phone and one option is that it immediately deposits the money into your Paypal account after collecting your recyclables. How’s that for progress?

Practicalities include how close is your nearest collection point (we also have the option of non-automated storefronts not connected with Tomra who pay you for bringing recyclables in) and being able to actually hauling in your collection (something I’m grappling with at the moment as I haven’t been able to make trips to a collection point and the items are piling up for the time being).

Also, I’d highly advise putting things for recycling in a solid bag or other container just in case what you’ve collected … isn’t quite empty. Speaking from experience here.

Anyway, in the practical sense, no-ones saying going out of your way to pick up recyclables and especially not suggesting trawling through trash cans or anything like that but if a recycling centre (be it a machine or be it a non-automated storefront) or other option you can get to easily and it’s recyclable material you’re generating at home you can store and then transport easily anyway … well, maybe it’s worth a shot.

Maybe now if we’ve planted that idea in your head and you can generate even $3 a month you didn’t have before without having to inconvenience yourself and say as a couple of possibilities for you to consider, send $1 of that our way via say a Patreon subscription or the occasional use of our Ko-Fi button, it all helps.

I mean it can add up and quickly at that, this entire page was paid for by the revenue raised from depositing recycled items … hence the title “The Art of Recycling”.


Just as some background information and a point to ponder, that was just from the money I raised from what I was able to collect on my own, who knows what we could do collectively as a group all over the globe?

See you back here tomorrow for our gripping conclusion to this feature about helping us to raise revenue we can use to help make Exiern!

In the meantime, please feel free to make any comments and suggestions about what you think we could do to raise revenue because as we’ve said many times already, that’s what this feature is really all about!