Now let’s be honest with ourselves, as accepting as I’m sure we are about Typh’s identity how would we really feel about Typh with visibly hairy armpits?

Art by Colin Wells. Check out his Instagram here and his webcomic here!

Our artist on this page did remark “Interestingly, each of these options, as well as saving money, are small but effective changes that are beneficial for the environment.”

Well, that wraps our advice for now. Of course there’s a multitude of potential money saving ideas that fall under the overall theme of looking at cutting expenditure in effect raising your potential savings but it’s much more practical to have a short simple list to start with. It’s easier to both remember and execute.

So, to recap the suggestions from this week:

To recap the recap, we tried to come up with some ideas that weren’t too many and weren’t too complex that would cause as little disruption as possible in execution so that people could save some money. At which point, maybe there’d be even a little more disposable income to perhaps send a fraction of in our direction to help us make this webcomic.
Finally, to go even deeper than that, this week more than anything was an opportunity to discuss with everyone about any ideas anyone might have about the future of this webcomic, how to raise the revenue to help pay for it and any thoughts on the future directions it could be heading. All feedback welcome!
See you tomorrow for a special bonus feature starting this weekend!
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