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Image by the original professional Exiern artist from back in the very beginning of this incarnation of Exiern – Studio Katsumi. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from him in the future! In the meantime, please consider checking out his Patreon.

No special reason for having this page made. Just that there were some scenes I liked very much from the fifth Resident Evil film Retribution and could see our main characters from Exiern as Jill Valentine and Alice.

I thought what they did with the opening scene was very clever …

… and I really liked the final fight between Jill and Alice as well as the other one going on at the same time …

… all in all I found it to be a fun sci-fi action movie with some standout set-pieces. Most of the films in the Resident Evil film series had at least one scene that stood out and was worth revisting.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this short detour which was also necessitated by circumstances at the time.

We also hope the increased quantity of material helped make up for the short break from the main plot and the main story returns on Monday the 11th of November 2019.