Isolated Dialogue for Translators:


NIELS: Okay, well, that’s not a thing.

BOHR: Probably because it sounds like you are taking two useful things and making one shitty thing.

NIELS: That is likely why it is not a thing.


NIELS: Also, I’d like to point out that the only reason you didn’t kill a bunch of people you shouldn’t have with your the last sword was because it was MAGIC.

TYPH: I’m getting that impulse under control…

NIELS: Yes, but until it IS under control, maybe something a little less instant-killy?

TYPH: No, I want the stabbies!

NIELS: SIGH – Let’s clear our heads over here…


TYPH: Fine, yes, maybe I need to be a little less impulsive about handling my impulsiveness.

NIELS: That’s the spirit.

BOHR: May I make a suggestion?


BOHR: Have you considered a warhammer? Big blunt business in the front, pointy stab party in the back.

TYPH: So it’s the mullet of hand-to-hand combat weapons.

BOHR: I guess, yes?

TYPH: I suppose hammering Coriander’s privates into paste would have been just as satisfying. MAYBE even more so. Yeah, yeah, I could be into that.

NIELS: That’s, uh, that’s the spirit?