This week’s page is a fantastic image by Rivenis, creator of the surreal fantasy webcomic Diskordia, this page comes to us all the way from the sunny isle of Barbados.

It’s actually a coincidence that this page ended up debuting on the same day as the final episode of Game of Thrones as it wasn’t originally planned that way. This work was in progress for several months and was actually intended for something else some other time.

Then I came to learn recently that the very last episode of this incarnation of a story in this show’s universe was going to be on this date. You see, unlike all the people I know and work with who don’t watch or read any of the numerous things I do, I’ve never actually seen Game of Thrones – or even clips from it. Not a criticism, just so many things and only so much time, you know? I’ll get to it one day, I’m sure … I think.

Well, actually I stand corrected I’ve seen one scene when I was walking past a TV it was on many years ago. A kid looking into a window in a tree, he’s seen – and then promptly thrown out of it to his seeming doom. That’s literally it. I’ve been told that’s from the very first episode.

However, it’s a mark of how much of a cultural touchstone is, even by not seeking anything out about the show I’ve picked so much by passive osmosis. I know that kid survived his plummeting to seemingly certain doom is called Bran Stark, I know who Ned Stark was (easy to work out what happened to him since he was played by Sean Bean), Arya, Tyrion, Cersei, Brienne, Tyrion and a large part more of the cast (enjoy a remarkably hilarious and bizarre experience involving Khal Drogo and the show’s producers with Daenerys on the sidelines as told in animated form here), who plays them and a lot of what happened to them and what’s going on generally (how about that Night King?).

Somehow, I seem to know a remarkable amount of the plot for someone who’s both never seen it or read any of the books as well as is definitely not going out of the way to seek any information about the story out as of yet (maybe even more than Jon “You Know Nothing” Snow by the looks of it). I guess I hear a lot about these characters because of and in association with announcements about other work the actors who play them get involved with. Isn’t that right, Sansa “Dark Phoenix” Stark? Soon to be a motion picture in a cinema near you … again (wow, 2006 receded so far into the past quicker than I thought it would, didn’t it?).

Anyway, I came to learn the series finale was coming due to its proximity to the Avengers: Endgame release and in retrospect, since we’d just received this image not that long ago, I thought it felt appropriate to use it now given as luck would have it this image had content close enough to be thematically relevant. Also, it’s a fantastic piece of work in its own right. I’m also guessing there’s a fair amount of crossover between the readers here and watching Game of Thrones (it’d be great if that was going the other way as well, wouldn’t it? I think we could at least go to twice a week if it did!).

As for this image itself, it’s continuing to represent the contrast between the two most featured worlds of Exiern to date and how different environments can potentially lead to radically different outcomes. Represented here in the form of metaphor combined with their actual realities and all rendered by the exceptional talent of the artist and his ability to think in the truly surreal and abstract.

Seriously, check out Rivenis’s work at his website, it’s something else and probably quite unlike much (if not everything) you’ve likely seen before. Well, unless you’ve read something like the exceptional Zenith series by Grant Morrison (as featured in the long-running British print comic 2000 AD). We definitely hope to see more of Andrew contributing to us one day.

On a final note, the first I ever remember hearing of Game of Thrones in any way shape or form was that Lena Headey (Cersei) was picking up this role after The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled (coincidentally one of three actresses to play Sarah Connor who has worked with George R. R. Martin or one of his works in some capacity along with Linda Hamilton and Emilia “Where are my dragons?” Clarke).

I still think that was a great show with an especially great final run to the end of Season 2 and a great set up for a Season 3 (that ultimately never happened) but I thought even then that it was for the best because at most it might get one more (truncated) season at best and it seemed likely for the actress, even though I knew nothing about this new show she was joining, it just felt like something that would probably guarantee Lena more work for longer.

Well, how about how that ended up working out then?