Illustrated by Marshall Reeves.

Did you pick up the hint as to the identity of our Special Guest on the page from the 1st of January? Just below the title for the page, it says “by Scott Hicken”. Told you there was a clue on the page. No way was it could have been Faden, Scott would have him … and his lunch for lunch (now we finally know what really happened to that sandwich – we’re just piling on the callbacks here now).

As always, Scott is making sure this whole enterprise keeps going week in and week out for years now. For once, it’s his turn to shine in front of the camera – even if it’s just from behind in the behind the scenes making of footage (that’s right, it’s exactly like this).

As you can see (well, more than you can of Scott personally here), everyone’s been pulling double duty and have been hard at work getting Dark Reflections back up and running. If you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend checking it out. Ever see the TV show Fringe?

The main universe of the show was the Blue Universe and much like our own, right down to being … well … as anyone who’s dealt with a government department of any kind, wound a bit tight. The alternate Red Universe on the other hand, despite being faced with more imminent and serious disaster in a much more oppressive climate, that’s where all the really cool stuff happened and they had the best gadgets. Also, in spite of being even closer to the edge of disaster than the main show universe, everyone was much more relaxed and easygoing.

Well, in no way am I being critical of Scott and his predecessors’ fine work on the main story but in over 800 pages of it, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the prison known of Greyfang (and the surface of the outside at that) while in under 100 pages of Dark Reflections, they’ve broken in, smashed the place up and are now in the process of blowing the doors off on the way out.

Like I said, alternate dimensions are where the really cool stuff happens because that’s where things always really run wild. Their computers are also way better than the regular Exiern universe. So, all the more reason to check it out. Watch this space, we have a lot of plans for Dark Reflections in 2018 as you might have guessed somehow.

Anyway, that’s my two weeks of supplying the material for posting during the holiday season up. It’s now back to the natural order of things with Scott writing and Antipus illustrating while I go back to primarily tinkering with the technical side of things and finding money to help fund all this from sources that are in no way suspicious.

Just remember to deny knowing anything if anybody asks.



My inclusion in this page was as much a surprise to me as it would be to anyone, especially since I already have an Author Insert Character running around making trouble…



Getting in trouble, don’t you mean, Scott?



One last thing from me before I forget. Two new voting incentives at Top Webcomics by the very talented Emma. Check out some more of here work here.

One on Exiern here:


One on Dark Reflections here:

They’ll swap with each other on the 22nd of January.

Hopefully, they’re also a sign of things to come. Like it’s been said, we have big plans for 2018, so keep watching this space …