This image was made by Studio Katsumi, our original professional Exiern artist. Learn more about his work here.

It’s also our contribution for the month to TG Comics but readers here on Exiern get to see it first. Welcome to any visitors from over there.

This image is also based on a historical myth that is thousands of years old, that of Tiresias. This may be a name already familiar to some of our readers.

The title of this page comes from the nature immediate dilemma Tiresias finds himself in which felt like an obvious predicament at the time (the three major characters are played by three other characters the audience may find familiar with varying degrees of being convincing in their roles) but is also as it happens to be not unlike the advice he gave to a very famous mythological figure.

We’re referring to Odysseus – the main protagonist in one of the oldest and most famous stories of them all, The Odyssey. Namely, how to navigate between the monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis. Suffice to say, the journey between the two wasn’t without cost not unlike the answer to question posed to our oracle here. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss, you know?

Anyway, this wasn’t an expected update so it’s going up on this unusual day and time hot off the press before another new page at midnight Monday the 23rd of December American East Coast time. In fact, there’s going to be a new page every day of this week, so keep checking back in regularly for new updates!

Coming not quite so soon but not long from now will be an update on the future of Exiern. Lots of major changes in a number of areas coming very soon and there won’t be long before an announcement on that too.

Suffice to say that even though we’ve been planning and preparing for this for a while now, we still need some time and a break in the main story to execute all these plans, hence the nature of all the updates so far and more of them into January as well.

They’re big changes in a number of areas, so we hope you’ll all understand and that at least the large amount of new content especially made for this period in time helps make up for it. Any questions, please feel free to put them to us in the comments for this page or any of the subsequent ones and thank you everyone for your support!