Just a quick reminder there are basically 3 pantheons in the current Exiern story.

Traveler- These are the gods that everyone knows existed.  They created the world and walked it 6 generations ago.  Each Traveler created his own race of people based on what he believed the perfect people were.  Later when during the two great wars the Travelers gave their people “gifts”  aka magic powers that further distinguished them.

Ash the one handed – The northern tribes (Tiffany’s people) believe in a great warrior named Ash.  The stories of Ash were told to them by their patron Traveler and the Tribes have taken to worshiping Ash over the travelers because frankly Ash was cooler that the Travelers who ended up loosing the second great war.

Rem – At the end of the second war the luminaries’ patron travel told them of a god greater than the Travelers known as Rem.  Worship of Rem became the official religion of the Grand Luminary Alliance although many still worship the Travelers instead.

There are of course more religions out there but these are the one’s to be concerned with for the immediate story.  So when Ctyx says the Travelers are testing us he is revealing his “hick” roots since a citizen of a major city would refer to Rem testing them instead.

Not that any of this matters but just thought I would let you know