Some men just want to see the world burn.

On this day back in 2010, the biggest warping of the reality of the Exiern universe took place in a nakedly transparent attempt to pander to the audience and hence boost audience figures and revenue as a result.

Apparently it didn’t work as well as hoped when the natural order (such that it is) then (quickly) reasserted itself.

However, did that reality continue to exist and go on, disappear, or was it always there in the first place? Well, we mostly fail to answer those questions with today’s page as we return after a long absence (on our time scale, at least) to the arduous trials and tribulations of at least three young teens to early twenty somethings with … well, the jury’s still out on that – trying to make it in what’s probably at least a medium-sized city (so not quite Friends then).

Yes, we’re also in the movie critic business now too, it seems and Peonie’s not wrong, What a Girl Wants is an adorable comedy well worth your time as an anecdote even if only for a few hours to all the seemingly looming doom and gloom lurking about out there.

Faden, as always, continue to be a terrible … well, the jury’s still out on that too.

Bonus new page following this one on this Thursday, the 4th of April! That’s right, there’s two pages this week!

Also don’t forgot to check out our other bonus page that’s available right now as seen in the announcements section below this page! Special visit from our end to theirs and hopefully just the first of many!

Then there’s also completely new Top Webcomics pages for Exiern here and Dark Reflections here courtesy of Professor Etheric of the webcomic we’re visiting – Autumn Bay. It’s like all your Christmases have come at once! Except, you know … it’s the start of April. At least it’s not a cheap shot at the reader’s expense on a day notorious for them. Well … at least not on purpose (this time).

Art for this page once again by the excellent Marshall Reeves whose webcomic Yesterday Bound is also a must see and you should check it out if you haven’t done so already (why haven’t you done so already?). Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana actually did not contribute to this page in any capacity for once.