Well, as mentioned quite some time ago it was a close run thing between fourth and fifth place for which country was which. Project Wonderful consistently had Australia with its nose in front but with its sad demise and the installation of Google Analytics for the Exiern site, some metrics had Australia still in fourth place and others had Germany. As an Australian and hence well known for our fair play, it fell upon me to adjudicate.

In the end, I decided that overall enough of the weightier metrics fell in Germany’s favour and hence Germany takes fourth place in the ranking of countries that view Exiern. Come on Australia, get it together! Image by Marshall Reeves of the webcomic Yesterday Bound once again (also once again we cannot recommend highly enough that you check it out) with the usual depth of instructions along the lines of “something Oktoberfest related with a corner booth, beer and a T-Shirt design I found through Google Images”.

As per usual, Marshall has done far more with the relative lack of instructions than I could hope for. The attempt at a visual gag related to the dialogue is completely my fault and probably up there with going to the Guinness factory in Dublin for the food. Something I have actually done because I don’t drink. Also yet again, Marshall is in tandem with the highly proficient high level webcomic creator Sean Harrington of Spying with Lana – who once again stamped this page for us.

As Oktoberfest is held over a period of time and not a single day, see you back here tomorrow for continuing festivities!

(All upload times are based on North American East Coast time zones in terms of getting the dates to match, so behind Europe in other words.)