Quite possibly to the surprise of no-one, the largest segment of the audience for Exiern by far is based in the United States of America.

So, we’re marking this moment celebrating independence with long time Exiern image captioner Sean Harrington finally being trusted with making an image of his own for this series acknowledging our largest six audiences by geographical location. Eagle-eyed viewers might have noted we still have numbers 3 and 4 to go.

Click here to see the Dark Reflections take on Independence Day (and an actual eagle!).

Design completely by Sean bar my suggestion of a general suggestion of a costume in the ballpark of the Statue of Liberty and one of those American flag motif-themed dresses those online retailers roll out around this time of year. Even though they happen to have numerous names and websites (I happened to get this design off Rosewe), you just know they’re all the same company being supplied by the same set of warehouses given they have the exact same quantities listed as being in and out of stock for the same item with the same image being used.

Oh yes, by the way Sean has done most of our Valentine’s Day Sex Drive images since we started taking part in 2017 as some of which can be seen in the archive, the uncut versions will eventually make our new section featuring all past voting incentives from both Exiern and Dark Reflections here (and then other images not from the main storylines when those run out – we’ll find something).

You might also have heard of his webcomic Spying With Lana (I believe it’s come up here on occasion) that has now been running weekly with at least one actual story page without fail for over ten years and more than 800 all up to date.

Yes, we’re aspiring to get as close as possible to the same (we’ve managed the at least a page a week since the start as well as far as I know, it’s … just whether the page in question is part of continuity that might be the issue here …) but this … detour (as we’re very generously calling it) from the main plot was necessary for various reasons to help rebuild the buffer and avoid the weekly rush to have a page ready (and which we were stumbling just a bit just before the last month or so was deployed to help reset things).

Anyway, as stated when this current diversion began … the main plot returns on Monday, July the 8th 2019.

We’ll hopefully see you back then!