It’s all been downhill for everyone else since Typh both learned how to read and write and discovered Post It Notes. Full effects as seen on enhanced Terrorvision(™)!

Now Boxing Day is a holiday in Commonwealth countries and maybe others as far as I know but none of us are quite sure why it’s a holiday and what it’s for exactly. It’s quite possible nobody actually knows to be honest. It’s probably actually nothing to do with actual boxes, though we’re almost sure.

Suffice to say, it’s the day after Christmas and it’s also a holiday for us at least. Well, for those of us who choose not to work. (I bet you’re feeling pretty silly kicking the British out now, aren’t you!).

So, what happened attract Typh’s fearsome retaliation? Well, funnily enough, there was a page made between this one and that one which shows exactly what happened which is complete but after the Gadsden flag fiasco, I thought I’d better run it past Scott first. I almost forget sometimes this is Scott’s show first and foremost (key word is almost).

Probably just as well because due to … content related issues, Scott has decided to file it in the place where the lost classics of Greek and Roman literature go as well as the missing episodes of Doctor Who.

That’s right, Exiern has a secret stash of pages that are not in the archive and often never have been. Despite whatever access I do have in some areas, I’ve not seen almost all of them either! It’s quite possible in some cases almost no-one has!

Now, maybe it actually works better not knowing but if you feel strongly enough about this situation and you especially want this to see the light of day, you could possibly let Scott know what you think by clicking right here.

New page on Friday the 27th of December will follow this one which leads to an important announcement.