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  1. dragon8writer

    I never would have expected such a touching ending when all this started…

  2. Tjgalon

    I see he nearly slip with “brother”, it will be intresting to see where it goes from here.

    Still funny how easy it gender swap like one day it rain thr next day it does not.

  3. Phoebe


  4. charles81

    The expression on Tiff’s face in panel 4 seems a bit out of place.

    Lovely words from Will though.

  5. Bad Taiming

    Tiff is shocked at the level of culture and education her brother has. Considering she just learned to read and he quote’s philosophy.

  6. Jonathan Wint

    @Bad Taiming agreed Tiff might be the better fighter (unberserk) but its clear who is the Smart one in the Family..

  7. Uhl

    @Charles, a bit of surprise at being touched kindly by her big brother is not out of place here.

    As to the quote from the Priest of Rem, it’s VERY appropriate, if only all the priests of Rem were like that.

  8. Tiffanyhm

    Okay this was awesome. This whole story line was great will be interesting to see what happens next.

  9. Tiffanyhm

    @Jonathan I also wouldn’t discount Tiffany’s brain just yet she may not be used to thinking but she clearly can when needed

  10. Norman728

    Tiff’s problem wasn’t that she wasn’t smart she just has impulse control. She was constantly underestimated. she just lacks book learning.

  11. David

    Last two sentences of Wyll-Line are contradictory. Bit of a taint on an otherwise perfect pitch.

  12. Sob

    @David: No they’re not. There’s an implied “learnt from it” after the second last sentence, and an implied “see it” between “will” and “too” in the last one.

    But it could perhaps have been made clearer. 🙂

  13. Picolo

    “The Typhan-Knee I remember would have killed me then stopped to think.”


  14. Picolo

    Oh, nevermind, I got it now. Durrrr.

  15. I never expected thin arc to end this way either, but that makes it even better. Tiffany may not have found what she expected when she came home, but I would say she found what she needed to find.

  16. No, you SHOULD seek to be better than you were the day before.
    You should always seek to better and improve yourself!

  17. Deceptobot

    Aw, that was inspirational.
    Now let’s go kill the village elder.

  18. Guesticus

    David: In the last bubble, Willie is saying that he can see that Tiff has learnt from her past, and that one day she will see that as well

  19. Cerulean Lion

    Tiffany is a better person now than she was at the beginning. Her brother (Will-lynee? spelling?) shows himself to be a good man.
    There is hope for the clan as a whole.

  20. Ben



    It’s impossible to catch up without strolling through all the spoilers…

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