Of course, Exiern: Dark Reflections has a different take on who should be on top as you can see here. Both versions are by Marshall Reeves of the webcomic Yesterday Bound.

OK, so here’s the current situation. Publication of the main story had to take a bit of a break due to production reasons. However, we could see this situation would be arising sooner or later in advance so we’d started building up alternative pages for this very occasion. For example, the Game of Thrones referencing page was actually meant to be part of this set but the circumstances of needing a new page urgently and the co-incidental ending of the show that particular week (plus the image just happening to have thrones in it – it didn’t start life having anything to do with Game Thrones originally) saw it being used early.

However that only staved things off for a short while and we’d much rather have long uninterrupted runs of consecutive pages than more frequent smaller breaks which would likely be the case without a story hiatus. The good news, we have enough images saved up from multiple guest artists with the net result being there’s actually going to in effect be more than one page a week from this week, either through a page here and a page on Dark Reflections going up the same day at the very least but also even more than one page a week here at least some of the weeks going forward. Then there’s going to be contributions to other sites as well.

So, in effect there’s actually going to be more art all up until the main story resumes on Monday, July the 8th 2019. The final aim is to eventually not have these breaks in the narrative happen as often going forward, followed by hopefully one day updating the main story more than one page a week on a regular basis. However, that’s all structural things for the future we’ve been working on for some years now and there’s still more that needs to be done before we can successfully do this. It’s the goal we hope to ultimately reach, of course.

But for now, please enjoy the upcoming content from several guest artists going forward in a variety of locations between now and when the story resumes. There’ll be directions as each new piece goes up either with us or someone else. There’s a lot we hope you’ll look forward to and enjoy when you get to see it!

Until next week everyone!