We now have a confirmed date for the return of Exiern’s main story of Thursday, the 10th of January.

In the interim, we have this promo made especially for us from one of our many friends, the outstanding horror webcomic Melvina’s Therapy.

It’s especially apt to be recommending this webcomic just as it’s about to start its final ever season given that even though the bulk of Exiern is paid for by Scott’s invaluable efforts as it has been for years, in recent times, a not insignificant amount of Exiern including most of the last month (as well as some very exciting future projects we can’t wait to show you – basically, I help with acquiring what we hope you all find entertaining expansions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible) is funded by my job at a mental health unit.

Definite influences from the master of twisted horror Junji Ito as well as other Japanese sources (Rasen means ‘spiral’ in Japanese and is the name of the sequel to the book that launched The Ring upon the world. Obligatory American remake was actually decent).

Anyway, if you’re looking for something to occupy your time, experts agree that this is a fine choice and an excellent time to catch up if you’ve not encountered it before. I truly can say it’s the scariest webcomic I’ve come across to date.

This was from the section in their forums talking about potentially good webcomics by the way.

Exiern’s status is … complicated.

For those of you of where horror really isn’t your thing, there’s also a couple of our other friends, Unearth and The Lucent (formerly known as The Woken), also with decent sized archives to help occupy your time between now and our next page.

All three webcomics featured here today I first discovered thanks to advertisements their creators advertising on Top Webcomics and since I went on to sponsor them all on Patreon, maybe there’s actually something to this whole it pays to advertise thing? Well, I certainly hope so given we’re currently paying to run a Top Webcomics ad ourselves.