Art by Colin Wells. Check out his Instagram here and his webcomic here!

Typh is clearly annoyed at Faden because of the interference with the scientific method in an experiment supposed to have carefully controlled variables.

Especially interference with the p-values (belated warning that a statistics joke is incoming) to the point where the confidence in the confidence interval is all but zero (and there’s another one).

Well, this ends this current run of non-main story pages. We hope you enjoyed them. On what we hope was an upside, had there been a regular Monday page between the last one on the 16th of December 2019 and last Monday on the 6th of January 2020, there would have been three pages over this interval. Instead, including this one, there’s been 18 over this time period. We hope most people liked most of them at least.

So, with any luck that’s been a net positive. Now, one way or another, we’ve been able to provide some kind of new page at least every week just about without fail since Exiern started going on 15 years ago (possibly bar some strange historical goings-on back in the first year or two if the dates on the archive page are anything to go by).

However, the aim is to get back to a new story page every week and ultimately even more than that to get the story moving along. These are the two main goals to aim to reach at least the former no later than the end of the year, first weekly at the very least and then more than that beyond 2020 and furthermore sustain that pace.

In the meantime with this high volume high output hiatus that has now just passed, we did talk about a few of the challenges such as the costs and raising revenue and of course there’s availability of the artists and how fast they can work – as of late there has been some scrambling such as the last few weeks and we’re not completely out of the woods there just yet. With any luck we’re close and getting closer all the time.

We’re always mindful that even if the main webcomic is free, people are still spending their time reading it and that’s a cost in itself; also that it being free is not an excuse to in any way aim for lower standards in the writing or artwork. We appreciate all the feedback, so please keep it coming – be it advice on anything that might help us with the finances to thoughts on the storyline – from any individual pages to larger story arcs.

Well, on that note this marks the end of the changeover period of our main artists and regular pages are back weekly for now from tomorrow (Monday, the 13th of January 2020).

We hope to see you again tomorrow!