I mentioned in an earlier post that when I write Exiern’s scripts I leave the decision for “nudity” or “no nudity” to the artist. As the writer I may create the situation where a character would be visibly nude or not, but it is the artist whose decision it should be to realize the image.

We have with this page the first instance where Colin Wells logically decided that hair and nipples don’t have some sort of magic magnetic attraction, so it has fallen away in panel 3. What I never think to ask for is an art-censored version, and I don’t like using word balloon censorship, so you’ll have to excuse my crude attempt to artfully censor panel 3 for Exiern’s public display.

If you would like to see the uncensored version, and it is appropriate for you to do so, the page without my modification can be found at the lowest patron tier in Exiern’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/14104869