Hi everyone,

Near the end of last month it became clear that we needed to create more buffer in order to get Exiern back to smooth operations. It was also becoming clear that after 13 years of comics I needed to find a way to better on-board new readers. So the Chibi Chapter Summary was planned.

Now, as this page cheekily mentions, I wasn’t the only one who noticed a few things about Exiern lately. I always read all the comments and take them to heart, so please know this commentary was meant in good fun. I really do use the comments as a litmus test of how things are going and if I need to adjust course in any way, big or small.

So I hope you enjoy this fun look back on Exiern, as we create a new way to catch up on chapters missed or forgotten! My goal is for these pages to have another throwback aspect – Tuesday and Thursday posts!

And Patrons will get an exclusive bonus later today for each of these pages, as a Thank You for your continued support.

Thanks for reading,