Show don’t tell that is the main tenet of comics.  But some time the problem is showing is boring as hell. There was a bunch of little things that I wanted people to know but at the same time they were not essential to the actual story.  Worse the showing of these little things was pretty boring.  So it was time for an info dump.

I first considered using our crazy old man narrator (Mac) to deliver the info.  The problem in Mac has a tendency to go for the dramatic and long winded speeches.  The info dump out of his mouth was becoming a 3 hour rambling and incoherent lecture.  What I needed was the facts to be delivered by a hyper teen on a sugar high.

Thus Mackenzie was born.  I filled in the other maid around her because I couldn’t imagine someone this crazy being in charge of anything.

I got to say I am pleased with this page.  I really enjoy the little moments in a story where people are just talking and being them selves.  Even though these maid were created as the soul purpose of delivering data I really enjoy this moment among them.