And Another Columbo Episode Ends

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  1. WindSinger

    You never do suspect the dear old lady…….

  2. Chris

    No, no. You never suspect the Spanish inquisition, Scooby Doo taught me to suspect the dear old lady is really someone else wearing a rubber mask.

  3. Tiger Tomcat

    The look on Tiff’s and Wyll’s faces is like ok I’m confused, and what does this have to do with the tribe?

  4. Tj

    Maybe the looks were for, you were suposed to kill him.

  5. Simon

    Wyll’s looking a bit more human in that second-to-last panel… a definite improvement.

  6. Uhl

    You, chieftan. Encouraging my granddaughter to think, to learn, to ACT for herself! MONSTER! Didn’t your mom teach you women are slaves here? Good for the hearth, the kitchen, the bedroom, and nothing else!? How dare you! Typhan-knee, you were supposed to stop him! I thought YOU would understand!

  7. Ragingagnostic

    I don’t get it. This is the same old lady who sneered at Peonie’s inability to lift a cauldron full of water and wondered why it was that the tribe never managed to overcome the (weak) Southerners. I figured like everyone else she prized strength in body over any other attribute.

  8. Skeffles

    Looks like she was sneering over Peonie’s ability to do proper women’s work.

  9. Gallstone

    Whoa. I did not expect her to be the Shaman’s wife. 0_0

  10. Mian

    Um. Wow. Are the boys looking a bit guilty there?

  11. Guesticus

    Time for Red Diana to carry on the family tradition of eavesdropping and confront her Granny Grina… and give her the axe

  12. Jonathan Wint

    Old b#tch was ultimately a Traditionalist that dose not want things to change. Wants her Granddaughter in a Dress and barefoot pumping out babies and cooking.Wants all the girls doing so.

    You guys never uncounted a Sicilian Grandmother ,My old motherInlaw Was Yelling at her Grandkids to Marry rich guys and give up school.

    This is how she was raised and she determined everyone else suffer/be raised the same way.
    Irony is all the bad stuff she bitching about happened bc the men wear stupid and she never got a say in policy, that come with the male jobs and now she bitching that she dose not want any of the women including her Granddaughter to have a say ether that they need to be kept safe.

  13. Jonathan Wint

    Evil sorcerer passing threw? Send a really old Harmless person to ask him nicely to go or a Assassin like a really hot Girl Assassin,(its how they got Merlin). Not A big scary Fighter with fireball target on his chest.

    Want to do a RAID WAR! Hmmm No lets sell them some cheap tacky crap instead and give them a REAL REASON to FEAR!

    Basically she is just old and fears change and wants to spot it.

    Good luck with that Grandmar no one except the Amish can stop Change, And all the Amish do is slow it down. I Saw one using a Droid at the Farmers market to ring up people credit cards, She was keeping it in a hidden pocket in her skirts.
    All things Change…

  14. Rohap

    Boss fight incoming…as an all hacky-slashy redhead with an axe in her hands.

  15. Corwin MacGregor

    @Rohap: A wild-eyed Diana has appeared!

  16. Keeva

    I am so lost. Can I get a Captain Obvious up in here?

  17. Deanatay

    Keeva: I’m sure the Captain is on his way. After all, his sidekick, Exposition Boy, is all over this scene.

  18. Matt [in Middletown]

    Uh oh, that hand gesture.
    She’s..she’s.. VADERING!

  19. Brave November

    Sort of surprised by the comments saying Grina’s a sexist traditionalist who wants her granddaughter to stay in the kitchen. She seems like an old woman who’s lost almost everybody and is willing to go to any lengths to keep the last of her descendants alive. I don’t think her plan is particularly well thought-out–surely Diana would be better protected as Wyll’s main squeeze and right hand than as his ex under a new chieftain–but I can sorta see why she thinks it’s the right thing to do.

  20. Jonathan Wint

    @Brave November She is both. She thinks this way bc all she ever been is a sexist traditionalist. She knows what it is to be a Second class in the tribe and argue its not when it is. She dose not know what a Equal is. So its scary.Her life and past she is looking at threw rose color glasses. All people do that. It was good enough for me attitude.
    But Your Right Diane Is to well known as a Feminist. If Her Grandmar got her way and got women back in the kitchen the new Chief would have to have Diane Killed. She never break and men that feared her would have there chance to get even. But Grina dose not want to see that. Why? Because she IS a sexist traditionalist and blames Wyll for her daughter conduct. When truth is she be a Bad a!s no matter what and Bad a!s Warrior women die in a Patriarchy because there a threat.

  21. Drachefly

    Why is she monologuing like this? I guess she’d rather risk having it fall apart by explaining what she actually wants, than have her husband take the blame?

  22. Jonathan Wint

    @Drachefly Thats Part of it, anther is she wants them to see she is right, because deep down she knows she is wrong. She convincing her self not them.

  23. Gallstone

    I can really see the family resemblance between the siblings in the panel before last. ^^ It’s interesting.

  24. chemiclord

    Shipeng does a very, very good job with family resemblance, especially with faces and facial structure.

  25. Deof Movestofca

    Now all she needs is some meddling kids to blame as to why she didn’t get away with it.

  26. Thisguy

    Of course the villain is the only ugly woman in this comic.
    Even Deacon Elvis was hot.

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