Who are we kidding? Typh totally meant to offend!

Thanks again to Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana who was one of the people who produced a tremendous amount of content for us at short notice to help cover the period between now and the next page from the main storyline.

Aliens was one of my two favourite films growing up (along with The Blues Brothers of all things) and I’ve long since lost track of how many times I’ve seen it since.

Alien was one of those films most of us probably can’t see the way it was originally, everyone in it had an established career with many credits except Sigourney Weaver (who at that point had a handful of small roles) so the additional surprise would have been that she was going to be the one who ended up front and centre.

So even as far back as 1986, we knew she was going to be the lead of the series. Also notable from this series, despite the even large cast, many of us probably knew most if not all the names of the characters on the Space Marines, even if some of them had very little screen time. It was that much of an iconic film.

I was recently fortunate enough in the last few years to go to my local cinema and see a revival screening of this film along with a lot of others from the era (Predator, Robocop and Total Recall) and it was gratifying to see people who weren’t even born when it came out going and still enjoying it.

It’s aged really well in my opinion (though even it couldn’t manage as well as Paul Rudd in Clueless to know which I saw the same year in that same cinema for its 20th Anniversary! That man must have fallen head first into the Fountain of Youth or something!).

Sadly, some of the cast are no longer with us but you can read about what much of the cast got up to since the film came out here and here.

As a final note, we remember Bill Paxton’s notable role in this film (warning, lots of adult language and just a bit of violence at these links) here and here as well as a some other classic appearances herehere and here.

We can only touch on his vast career but as always, he comes good in the end in dealing with such science fiction as aliens, cyborgs from the future and Los Angeles having a subway system.

New image coming up for tomorrow, we hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year (I’m working to help pay for next year among other things!).