Wise words to live by for the long run as someone is soon about to learn the hard way. We all know he should have known better by now given who he is dealing with. Everyone gets to find how very soon, read on below for details.

As was mentioned before, we accidentally ended up with quite the surfeit of Oktoberfest images including an unintended NSFW image. I guess I didn’t specifically not ask for one. Anyway, in the end we decided to run with it. So, as a follow up for this Exiern page (SFW) there is now an immediate follow up when you vote for Exiern at Top Webcomics. You can do this by clicking here or the banner below (most definitely NSFW!).

Then, you can see what happened after that by voting for Dark Reflections by clicking here or the banner below again (once again, most definitely NSFW!)

Finally, see you back here at the Exiern main page on November 5th 2019 so see how it all ended up. Suffice to say, actions have consequences! Both of these voting incentives will be on the sites hosting our archive of voting incentives from December after they move out of rotation on Top Webcomics for this month.