I think it’s time that I finally step forward into the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Greetings, Exiern readers; my name is Thomas Knapp, and I’ll be the poor sap trying to fill Drowemos’s very big shoes moving forward into the next stage of the comic’s story.

I’m not going to pretend that anyone knows me, so do allow me to give you a brief rundown of what I’ve done, and what I plan to do.

I’m fairly new on the writing scene, so I don’t exactly have a burgeoning resume. I have my own website with a list of my own creative writing (http://chemiclord.wordpress.com; don’t worry, this will most likely be the only time I mention it here), and most recently have been working with Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo fame in producing a series of light novels for his Endgames storyline. A short story previewing that work, “Behind the Masque” can be found on Amazon’s Kindle Store (link here).

Within those samplings (much of the work on my site is available for free), I think readers here can get a reasonable idea as to my style of humor (what there is of it) and storytelling technique.

I started following this webcomic roughly four years ago (back when Studio Boom was doing the art for the webcomic), and I’ve seen several changes in that span. I know change can be scary… I know I myself was wary when the artist was changed, and I’ll readily acknowledge that this change could be even bigger to the story itself. Bear with me, and I hope that I can keep your interest in what will invariably a slightly different direction for the narrative, no matter how much I will try to keep to what has made this story compelling.

So… why Exiern?

The short answer; I think there’s a lot of potential in this story, and I think I can be someone who brings more of it out.

The long answer; I am intrigued by the base premise of the comic. Gender roles and gender identity as they pertain to the physical sexual traits is a concept that society in general is still struggling with today. The perception as opposed to the reality (or if there even is a reality past our perception) is a theme that I think could use a bit more exploration.

Another aspect is the world itself. As of this moment, we’ve seen a very small slice of what is a fairly large setting. I dig world building… it’s the canvas that I love to apply literary paint to. One thing I promise you will see in my tenure as writer is much more of this world, some different cultures and how they do what they do and why they do it.

There are going to be some new elements to the lore. I want to keep what has been revealed largely intact, and that’s going to be my greatest challenge, but there will be some additional pieces that I think will help connect the fragments into a more complete picture. Everything isn’t nearly so simple as it has been presented so far, and that complexity is something I’m going to try to convey.

Yeah, that’s great and all… but what about our T&A?

I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that my “excellent writing” (don’t worry, I’m rolling my eyes just as much as all of you probably are) is all by itself going to attract new readers and that there will be no need for cheesecake. I am quite aware as to what really brings the money to this site.

In seriousness though, mature scenes and sexual situations happen. I’m not a prude that thinks they inherently detract from a story. I won’t promise there will be as much nudity and pin-up material in the comic itself (because there won’t), but it’s going to happen at points where the story calls for it.

Anything else before we click the back button and never come back?

I tend to be a rather quiet person. This quite possibly could be the only post I make in this rant space for as long as I am here. I don’t pretend anyone wants to hear my rambling, and I’m not going to subject anyone to it.

I also welcome criticism; as I possess absolutely no delusions of adequacy, much less greatness. I can’t promise that I’ll always agree with what you are trying to say, but I’m always willing to hear it. I’ve always felt the best ways to learn how to do better is to take what people say, the good and the bad. You can email me at chemiclord@exiern.com to bring up your concerns or feedback. I can’t promise the most prompt of replies… but I will do what I can.