This is a question that’s been asked of me a couple times now, to the point where it’s finally worth replying to officially.

How do I feel about fanfiction?  Now, I only speak for myself… but I have absolutely no problem with it at all.  I’ve written such stories (I occasionally still do, shhhhhh!).  Heck, the main reason I got the writing job that spurred me to creative writing “professionally” was because of what amounted to a piece of fanfiction.  It’d be rather hypocritical of me to then say that I find it offensive to my creative talents (yeah, I can’t even write that without laughing), and that fanfiction is this terrible thing that needs to be squashed.

So… yeah.  Go for it, folks!  The point of creation is inspiration, and if something I’ve done inspires you, then I consider that a successful day.  See ya all later!