I just wanted to say “Thank You” to all the individuals who submitted their information to be Exiern’s next author! I’ve read through all the storyline ideas and there is quite a lot of great material you have come up with!

I hope to have reviewed and read through all the supplemental/example material and sample scripts tonight, and then Drowemos and I will begin our deliberation. I can’t say exactly how long this will take, but Drowemos and I would like to have a new author ready to transition over by/in October so that should give you some idea.

All applicants really went all out for this, and as we narrow down the field you will be getting personalized emails from me thanking you, and if feedback is applicable I will provide it (you may also get an automated email from HeyPublisher). As soon as a final decision has been made we will be sure to let the applicants and our wonderful readers know!