Sometimes I don’t like my business model. The current member’s comic is a prime example. I really hate locking it away in the members section. Not because it’s particularly amazing although the art by Javier García is top notch. But I do hate locking it away because of the name and premise.

The comic is a parody of Bewitch and I Dream of Jennie. You know the idea bored housewife with magic powers meddles in the affairs of her husband. And this being Exiern you can probably guess where the meddling is going to be heading. So again nothing to amazing

But the twist I kind of enjoy about is that I made the magic woman/traditional man paring an interracial couple and gave it the whole inappropriate name “Black Magic Woman”. The reason I like this is that it feel like a show that should have been made in the 1960s. Even the title feels right in it inappropriateness.

Heck Jennie of I Dream of Jennie technically was supposed to be Persian. How much more interesting would that show if Jennie was actually played by someone of Persian decent instead the Nordic Barbra Eden. Or at least I think it would have been interesting. Not that Barbra Eden is not hot, but I am sure there could have been an equally hot woman of appropriate ethnicity.

The point is these show were about difficulty of transitioning to a more equal society, accepting women’s power in the world and the changing societal landscape. The couples in these shows should have been interracial because in a way that is what the shows are about. It’s a show that should have been made but couldn’t have been made at the time.

Fortunately Hollywood has outgrown these biases. I mean look at how the found people of the right ethnicity for the air bender movie…

Oh right.