As in that is when the next comic is going to be posted. Sorry about the delay the the posting but the holidays just got in the way.

While I am hear and seeing that it is Thanksgiving I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all you guys. Your support allows me to not only publish this comic but a number of other comics for myself and other. The profits from Exiern not only go to support Studio Boom for his fantastic work but it allows me to make two other comics that you will be seeing in the new year and also pays for the artist (Melody More) on a comic written by friend Allison, Knit Princess. Yes, in this strange world of ours a Tran-gendered Barbarian donates some of her horde to support the work of a Knitting Princess.

I am also thankful to ComicPress in general for the new site and Frumph in particular for helping me to get it online. The site would never be working without his patient answers to my question.

What I am not thankful for is ladybugs as they have apparently decided to mount a full scale invasion of my home. They are freaking everywhere man! They are on the wall floors and ceiling. Every surface is coated with the pokadoted red color of the aphid eating beetles. It’s down right unnerving.