As 2013 rolls to a close I am excited to announce that a new collected Exiern trade is underway! We’ve been trying to get this off the ground for a while, and the expectation is to finally have it ready for purchase in some form come the start of 2014.

As someone who started out a reader of Exiern I’ve been very lucky in how I’ve been able to show my support and love for the story. So I thought it was important to offer an opportunity for others to do so. I would very much like to include in the Exiern collection a “Readers Foreword” – a selection of commentary and thoughts submitted by the other people who have been responsible for Exiern’s continued existence: the readers.

Anyone who wants to submit a paragraph or so for consideration to be included in the Readers Foreword (which could also be selected for use as one of those cover blurbs!) can use the form below. Please remember, concise entries with print-ready grammar and spelling are most likely to be used!

We will accept submissions for as long as we can through December (consider December 15th a soft deadline).