Doctor MC currently is plotting his 1,632nd scheme to conquer the world. Obviously he has not succeeded yet, but Doctor MC remains optimistic. Doctor MC did manage to replace Bill Clinton’s wife with a robot.

When not trying to rule the world, Doctor MC writes novels featuring male dominance, mind control, and harems, in a magical or science-fiction setting. “Chick Lit” these stories aren’t.

Novels by Doctor MC, Mad Scientist—

Names Have Power

Meet Tim Hanson. World’s nicest guy. Women do whatever he says to do. He has no idea why. It’s a problem.

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Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie

Why do genies give you three wishes, not just one? Then when the genie grants your three wishes, it’s game over, right?


The Bimborg

Charlie-Bob Owens must stop evil cyborgs from the future, or else Earth is doomed. At least he’s getting plenty of sex from hot babes during all this.

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