So, it looks like the Exiern server move is complete. Sadly, because of when the database pull was taken, we lost all posts, comics, and comments for the last week or so. This saddens me, but it could have been worse. I also want to send a shout-out to GoDaddy’s amazing Customer Service, who stayed on the phone with me for over two hours yesterday, helping to fix problems with products and services which are not their own. I may hate the commercials, but I love the service.

I’ve reposted “Minor Details Is All” today, and will repost “Dramatic Sepia” tomorrow (trying to post two comics on the same day only causes problems). Wednesday we’ll see the new comic that would have posted on Tuesday, and Thursday should have us back on schedule.

Next week, once I’m sure all this hosting foolishness is done, I will start posting the Reader eBook promotions. I had delayed them to make sure no one got short-changed by the server problems.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. I look forward to having all of this behind us shortly.