Most likely, by now, many of you have noticed has been getting some tweaks. Fans of the new bits have Drowemos himself to thank for his hard work on getting all of that updated.

To what end has all this been towards? Well, after much talking with the ever popular “TransactionFriend” Exiern has been approved to sell downloadables! So all these tweaks and nudges have been to get things ready for the Exiern eStore that I have been slowly constructing. Drowemos and I have been ironing out bugs (with some much appreciated been-there-done-that guidance from BF‘s Jaycee), and I fully expect the platform to be launched within a week.

While the ESCarchive will continue to be the first-stop for Exiern bonus images (both SFW & NSFW) – and will be long-term cheaper for anyone who must have everything Exiern – the Exiern eStore will be a quick-and-easy place for people who want to support Exiern, but; can’t dedicate a monthly subscription, don’t want everything the ESCa has to offer, or just feel more comfortable using the more well-known payment provider the eStore will support.

We will be sure to let everyone know when the Exiern eStore is ready for use!

Finally, I just want to send out one last 2012 thank you to everyone involved with and reading Exiern. It has been my true pleasure to work on and support this wonderful comic. 2012 has been dedicated to a lot of behind-the-secenes building and cog-turning to make sure we have a strong platform, and I am very excited for all the wonderful things people will finally get to start seeing as 2013 gets started.

Happy New Year To All!

Much Love,