So, given the reaction to Chemiclord’s last post, it is clear to me that we have a lot of talented and creative readers here (something I was also aware of during the search for the new writer). Also a lot of humble ones…no one tried to use the post as an excuse to link to their own book!

Something I noticed was one commenter mentioned that not everyone has the opportunity to get their book out there – some way to let people know it exists. And it is an excellent point!

So, in order to continue using EXIERN for the powers of Good, I propose a Great eBooking! If you have written an ebook and you want to have it featured with others in a future Exiern post/page/update, or something, submit a purchase link and a short description to me using this page and format it as the following;

EBOOKING – short pitch, description, or why people should like your book or serieslink to where people can buy your book or series.

I’ll compile them all and get something posted. To keep things organized, only one submission per author! But feel free to submit a link to a page that allows someone to select from many of your works. And YOU must be the author, no submitting on behalf of others (but feel free to let them know what to do)! Comments on this post will not be used, you MUST USE THIS PAGE. I will accept submissions until Dec. 15th, at which point I’ll start compiling whatever I think will work best. Then I will post this up on and hopefully help some people get noticed!

Because, you know, it is good to help people.