Ever since I took over Exiern I’ve tried very hard to keep things to the high standards Drowemos had them at, and only change what I have to. One thing I really didn’t want to screw around with was the cost of the ESCarchive, even though Exiern did – and still does – lose money nearly every month.

However, new fees from our charging service now means we will be getting even less money each month. Because of this on July, 15th I will have to raise the 1 Month Non-Recurring ESCa membership from $5 to $6 and 6 Month Non-Recurring from $20 to $22 in an attempt to defer those new fees. At this time I do not have plans to raise the recurring memberships, but if that changes I will make sure everyone has plenty of notice.

To help alleviate these fees, and try to bring Exiern out of the red, I’ve also been working on other plans. Some new shirts have already gone on sale, and I’ll have announcements about some new eBay projects, Volume 2 TPB, and even the figurine soon.

One other thing I have created to help support Exiern is SexyFantasyComics.com. Although the ESCarchive will continue to contain everything it currently posts (Dark Reflections, Time And Again, Held Within, Power Princess, PROJECT: iSIS, etc.), SexyFantasyComics.com will host other projects by me that involve sexy transformations. SexyFantasyComics membership sign-ups will help go towards the numbers that cancel-out the new fees, and any money that would come to me from it will go towards Exiern. Because I won’t be trying to shoehorn more fantasy projects into the ESCa, I will be working to make the ESCarchive more and more of a bonus area dedicated to Exiern (it now has a Chibiern archive) that readers of Exiern can really benefit from, while not losing what current members have signed up for.

Let me now thank all of the loyal readers and members for all of your support so far. Without you Exiern would not exist, and I hope that any necessary changes can be found acceptable and will work to continue an enjoyable Exiern experience! Certainly let me know your thoughts.


Dan Standing

P.S. Oh! Almost forgot. Because SexyFantasyComics is still new and growing its material – in BETA as I’ve called in – membership-per-month is only $6 right now, but it will be going up. Plus, anyone who signs up during the BETA period can submit their email address and receive a Special Edition version of my ebook BAR BELLES, with more images and a new epilogue, after the BETA closes!