Drowemos here stopping by to say Hi and post a quick announcment.  But before that I would like to remind you to vote for Exiern on top web comics and Comix mix.  The links are on the site here but let me give them to you again:

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Here are the links again:

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Fine be that way.  All you had to do was go over an vote but NOOOO you had to be difficult.

Anyway the reason I am dropping by here just to give you guys a heads up about a little comic project I am posting.  Techinically this isn’t a new project but something I am referring to as my webcomic junk drawer.  Not that it’s junk.  It’s like the drawer in your place where you keep the stuff you call junk but is really just the odds and ends you need in a pinch…  But you don’t actually need these comic  in a pinch because their just comics so it kind of not like that either… I mean I like comics but given a choice between being stranded on a desert island with comic or duct tape I’d have to go for the duct tap…  I wonder what Gillgians island would be like if they had duct tape on the island… Pretty short actually because the professor would have just build a boat out of duct tape and they’d have left the island… You can totally do that you know, make a boat out of duct tape you know.  They did it on mythbusters…

Um, what was I saying?

Soooo… that analogy kind of went off the rails just a bit.  Sorry my mind like to wander…  And I like to use ellipses.  But that is sort of the point here and the idea behind this new project.  My mind wandering not using ellipses, I mean.  While I was working on Exiern I would on occasion work on other comic projects.  Many of these projects got to vairous stages of completion before going off the rails themselves.

I have collected these projects and I am posting them up on a small website:

To Dream of Dragons

It just a collection of fun stuff that I felt like working on.  You get the comics and my thoughts on the comics at the time as sort of a DVD commentary.  Right now I am looking at 5 months of posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Stop by when you get a chance.

And vote for Exiern.  You thought I forgot about that didn’t you.  I see you there not voting.  Go vote now.

Top Web Comics

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