Today Rani M. (aka TinySexyGirl)’s story STILL LIFE takes its place as the first of hopefully many PROJECT: iSIS postings! And I must say, Rani has been an absolute joy to work with!

STILL LIFE tells the story of Nora, whose girlfriend uses a magic coin to forever change her life; whenever the phrase “Nora hard” is uttered she becomes a mannequin, and remains so until “Nora real” is spoken. Of course, unforeseen consequences soon play out.

I think new readers of the piece will find it’s a really fun and sexy story, with great characters and situations, which I know have stuck with me since my very first reading so long ago. If you’ve read it before I highly recommend another go at it, as it has been freshly proofread, edited, and reformatted for A5 styling, and there are 5 illustrations from the amazing Andrea + Ale to be found!

From the entire creative team, please enjoy this story now posted in the ESCarchive!