I am attending 2 cons this year. Intervention and Balticon. Both in the DC area so this is a shout out for all our DC Metro residents.

Intervention Sept 16-18

I am going to start off talking about intervention even though it’s a later con because of 2 reasons.  First there is a discount for signing up that is going to be expiring soon.  Second I have been promised to be able and help figure out the programing for the convention.  So the more people that sign up the sooner I get to actually get my dirty little hands into the scheduling.   You can register for Intervention here:


Balticon May 27 – 30

Balticon is coming up up May 27th to the 30th. I am going to be doing some panels and visiting a bunch of panels. I will also have some old merch that I am willing to give away for a steal. I was also thinking it might be fun to do some roleplaying. Perhaps even roleplay the Exiern universe with some people. I have a couple of game systems that are converted to Exiern. Specifically D20, Fate, and then a home build of my own creation called Karmic. If anyone is intersted and going to attend Balticon I could work an adventure. Just drop me a line. You can register for Balticon here: