Well I got to say I am a little surprised by the response my little tirade last week. I am mostly surprise because it seems people actually took the time to read it. I am the type of guy who would see that amount of text and just say “Anything that long can’t be that important, I’m not reading that”. But a good number of you did read it, although if it was important is more questionable.

The second surprise is that many of you got the impression that Exiern was in danger ending soon. This is simply not true. Yes I did say the change could mean the end of Exiern but that was more my fear talking than a truth. Exiern in is not in danger of ending. I have a good job so I can pay for the production Exiern myself if the funding drops off. I hope that doesn’t happen but I enjoy making the comic enough to fight to the end to keep it going.
As of right now I am not going to be stopping or reducing the update schedule. In fact starting in January the updates will be increased to 3 times a week.

I would both have to lose my job and lose all income from Exiern to really put an end to the comic. Even if that happens I promise you that I will do my best to bring the comic in for a landing before the end. Granted I say that as the story is currently cruising at ten thousand feet over the Arctic Ocean in the middle of a thunderstorm so I won’t promise a smooth landing but I will promise a landing.

The more I think about this my newly minted amateur status the more I think this is a good thing.

To start off with I am really enjoying working on the comic again. My creativity is way up and I look forward to it again. I am having so much fun writing donation comics that are not based on random porn and the story is just flowing smoothly.

The second advantage is I can do things that I was hesitant to do in the past because I was afraid it would undermine the profit model. For example it might be advisable for you guys to stop by the site this Christmas day, I’m just saying.
The third advantage is I can finally let go and ask for help. In about a week or so a “Jobs” tab is going to show up on the site. This will be things that I need don’t but just don’t have time to do. By letting go it could mean that so much more gets done that when I was running the comic like a business alone.

The last advantage, which could be big one, is I am actively looking for someone to take ownership of the comic. To run the business and gain all the profits from the comic if there are any. I can’t make a go of Exiern as a business but there are people out there that could. If I don’t care about the profits why not continue the write the comic and then let someone else build it into a true business. Anyone out there want to buy a slightly used IP property?

So what does this mean for you the reader? Well in the short term I am going to try to have more fun around here. More give aways and what not. In the long term I am hoping it means better management, more chances for your guys to get involved and more vigor on my part as just a writer.

All and all I am really happy with this decision. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good thing. It was just my fear and pride that kept me from taking this step earlier.