So we have a big party coming up in Exiern and I though it would be fun to let some of the readers get involved. I also though it might be a good way to get a little extra money for our fantastic artist.

So here is the deal You can donate to the comic to get one of 4 cameo rolls. You can either be an extra or active player. Extras will be in the background of the comic and Active player will take a roll interacting with the characters. In addition you can decide if you want to be good or evil. Keep in mind that evil character usually meet an untimely end.

On top of having a cameo in the comic you can have an exclusive Pin up drawing of your Exiern cameo created by Shipeng Lee. It would be a full color image with a simple background delivered digitally to you.

To become a cameo character fill out the paypal forum below. If you have a picture you would like to use for the cameo put it in the url field otherwise you can leave it blank. I will contact you within the week to work out the details.

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